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Sperm freezing / Sperm bank

Sperm Banking is a service where the ejaculated semen (containing sperms) is frozen and stored for possible use in the future. The sperm can be thawed and used for artificial insemination or invitro fertilization. 

Sperm Banking is indicated for:

Men having low sperm count. 
Men who are undergoing Chemoptherapy. 
Men facing voluntary sterilization. 
Men having high risk occupation exposure to radiation or toxic substances. 
Men who wish to store their sperm for future use. 

Our Sperm Bank provides the following services: 

Freezing of sperm for future use e.g. patients about to undergo chemoptherapy or healthy males wanting to freeze sperm as a form of insurance. 
Freezing of sperm as a standby for a Test-Tube Baby (ART) or IUI programme. 
Freezing of sperm retrieved from the epididymis or testes. 
Donor sperm for quarantine and donation.

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