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In-Vitro Fertilisation (I.V.F.)
This is the original 'test tube' technique. The most common indication for this procedure is blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes. IVF is offered for infertility problems which do not respond to conventional medical or surgical therapy. These include damaged fallopian tubes, endometriosis, semen abnormalities, unexplained infertility, or when a combination of factors prevent pregnancy. IVF is a process stimulating the development of multiple oocytes (eggs) which are then retrieved from the ovaries by ultrasound guided needle puncture.
The eggs are then transferred to the laboratory where they are fertilized with the partner's sperm and are allowed to develop in special culture medium. The embryos that result are then replaced in the uterus where they will hopefully attach and develop further into a successful pregnancy.

An adequate semen sample. 
The production of 5 or more oocytes (eggs). 

1. Hormone treatment (superovulation) to ensure the development of several oocytes. 
2. Monitoring of follicular growth. 
3. Induction of ovulation. 
4. Transvaginal aspiration of oocytes, under sedation. 
5. The sperm sample is collected on the same day 
6. Oocytes are inseminated with the husband's sperm sample. 
7. Embryo development (2-5 days). 
8. Transvaginal transfer (no anaesthetic) of up to 3 embryos. 
9. Pregnancy test (14 and 16 days after transfer).

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