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What do I need to bring to the hospital ?
Can My husband be with me when I’m going through the cesarean or labor ?
What happens before the ceaser?
What happens at the ceaser?
What happens after the ceaser ?
When can I go home?
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What happens at the ceaser?

Your husband will be able to be with you during the caesarean section. A small screen will be placed across your tummy so you cannot see everything that happens in the actual operation. 
You will have either a spinal anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. For spinal anaesthesia, an injection will be given to your back ,you will feel numb from the bottom of your rib cage to your feet and you will be awake. For general anaesthesia, you will be put to sleep by an injection through your drip. If you have a general anaesthetic your husband will not be allowed to be in theatre with you. Prescribing spinal anaesthesia is recommended in surgery.  
Once you are numb your obstetrician will make a cut through your tummy just above the (bikini line) pubic hair line and through your womb. You baby is then delivered and given to the paediatrician who will assess your baby. Your baby will be dried and wrapped in a blanket and given to you to hold against your skin.
Meanwhile, your obstetrician will deliver the placenta (after birth) and stitch back the incision.
A catheter will be inserted in to your bladder as you will not have control of your bladder under anaesthetic. This will be removed after a few hours.

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