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What do I need to bring to the hospital ?
Can My husband be with me when I’m going through the cesarean or labor ?
What happens before the ceaser?
What happens at the ceaser?
What happens after the ceaser ?
When can I go home?
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What happens before the ceaser?
  • Assessment - Your obstetrician will assess your suitability for a caesarean section at the out patient clinic.  
  • Admission - You will be admitted to a room at Ninewells Hospital few hours before your caesarean section is scheduled. This might be the night before if your operation is to be done in the morning. On admission we will do a few blood tests and monitor your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and the baby's heart rate.  
  • Eating and drinking – You will not be allowed to eat or drink for at least 6 hours before the time of your operation. One hour before your operation you will be given a tablet called Ranitidine which will reduce the amount of acid in your stomach as well.
  • Anaesthetist - An anaesthetist would speak to you either the night before the caesarean or just prior to your operation which will depend on the particular anaesthetist.

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